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■ follow us on Wechat○Huawei launches P20■ and P20 Pro ◆smartphonesHuaw〓ei launches P2◆0 and

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P20 Pro sm〓artphonesHuawe■i launches P20 and P●20 Pro smartphones○03-28-2018 14:■29 BJTHuawei'

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s lates◆t smartphone, bo●asting a three le〓ns, AI-powere■d camera has been■ officially launche■d in Franc◆e.The new ●P20 Pro device fol■lows in the f●ootsteps of compe■titors Apple and Sa○msung's latest■ releases by focu〓sing on the ●camera's ca●pabilities

.At a〓 smart launc◆h event in P◆aris, Richard Yu,〓 CEO of Huawei's〓 Consumer Busine◆ss Group t●akes the sta◆ge to present thei■r new lates◆t smartphones:◆ the P20 an●d P20 Pro.He des○cribes i

awei Mate ◆RS, a

t as:● "Master photograph●y powered ◆by AI".The Chinese c〓ommunicatio●ns giant is 〓hoping its ●upgraded camera wi●ll sway shoppers ●into choosin●g them over riva〓ls Apple and S●amsung.The devic●e's main camer●a boasts AI■ (artificial in○telligence)

  • luxury ver●sion that ■shares all the ■features of the 〓P20 Pro but has an i〓n-displ
  • ay fingerprin●t sensor in a●ddition to a secon■d fingerprint ●se
  • nsor on the r●ear.Huawei's P20 Pr◆o will be s?/li>
  • 駉ld at up t◆o 899 euros ($●1,113) in Europe■ compared wi●th the iPhone ●X, which is p?/li>
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